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Specific Condition Survey

On the specific condition survey thorough information from particular structure is gathered with means of various measurements, material samples and laboratory analysis.

The specific condition surveys are performed for:

  • Load bearing structures
    • Columns
    • Beams
    • Slabs
    • Trusses
  • Building envelope structures
    • Facades
    • Windows
    • Roof
  • Balcony and loft structures

Specific condition survey can consist of:

  • Evaluation of structures based on the provided information and documents
  • Visual observations
  • Photographs of detected damages
  • Thermal Imaging, images of detected anomalies
  • Structural openings to determine type and condition of the structures
  • Material sampling and appropriate laboratory analysis
  • Moisture, airflow measurement

Every building is individual, due to the different structural solutions, usage and weather strain. Thus specific condition survey has to be designed to fit individual needs. The specific condition survey gives guidelines to what renovation methods are technically and economically feasible.

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