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We specialize in specific condition and hazardous material surveys, thermal imaging and airborne inspection services for commercial, office and industrial buildings.

Specific Condition Survey

In the specific condition survey thorough information from particular structure is gathered with means of various measurements, material samples and laboratory analysis. The survey can consist of one or several structural parts. The specific condition survey gives guidelines to what renovation methods are technically and economically feasible.

In the hazardous material survey materials that impose health risk are sought out on the surface, beneath the surface and inside the structures. The purpose of the survey can be seeking out hazardous materials from buildings present state, for future renovations, change in premise usage or demolition of the structures. Hazardous materials present in the building can have an effect on occupant health on buildings current state or renovated state. The presence of hazardous materials is also important to know when demolishing and recycling materials.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal leakage or change in material thermal conductivity can be detected with thermal imaging. The surface temperature measured by thermal camera can show heat leakage from structure itself or air leakage from joints. The moisture increase can change thermal conductivity and thus introduce anomalies that can be recognized.

Our airborne services is performed from medium sized sUAS and has multiple custom redundancy features. Fast and reliable photographs, video or thermal images of building allows us to pinpoint problem areas with great accuracy. Thermal imaging with field of view perpendicular to the target area can overcome problem with reflecting thermal radiation.

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