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Hazardous Material Survey

In the hazardous material survey materials that impose health risk are sought out. The property history of major renovations or expansions are to be determined. Old, possibly hazardous surface material layers might have been left underneath the newer surface. The history of the property usage gives information of what materials or substances has been used in the structures or in the mechanical devices. Depending on the year of construction structures might have enclosed cavities with potentially hazardous materials. On hazardous material survey all these matters are thoroughly sorted out. Material samples are taken and appropriate laboratory analysis is performed.

Hazardous materials usually sought and found are:

  • Asbestos
  • Lead and other heavy metals
  • PCB
  • PAH

The heavy metals can be also analyzed on site with handheld XRF Analyzer (X-ray Fluorescence, non-destructive elemental analysis). This can be helpful on larger sites and will be used jointly with material sampling and laboratory analysis. This approach will reduce overall costs and will broaden the targeted scope of the survey as XRF measurements can be taken by hundreds.

The purpose of the survey can be seeking out hazardous materials on buildings present state, for future renovations, change in premise usage or demolition of the structures. Hazardous materials present in the building can have an effect on occupant health on buildings current state or renovated state. The presence of hazardous materials is also important to know when demolishing and recycling materials.

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