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Alinikula International Customer Register Policy

Register Keeper and Contact Information

Tuomas Alinikula
Alinikula Intenational
Nuijamiestentie 5C
00400 Helsinki
Email: firstname.lastname (at)
Tel: 358 45 6506565

Register Keeper

CEO Tuomas Alinikula
Alinikula International
Nuijamiestentie 5C
00400 Helsinki

Register Name

Alinikula International project information Register Policy

Register Content

Customer content may have various information.
Register can have following information:
Customer first name, customer last name,
customer contact information (postal address, email address,
telephone number), customer creation date and possible customer
ending date.

Data Source

Customer information is given on the day of the customer relationship begins.

Transferring of data
Alinikula International uses data for internal purposes only and they are not sold or handed over to third parties.

Data hand over to the EU or any other country outside the European Free Trade Area

No data is handed over to the EU or any other country outside the European Free Trade Area

Data protection

Project data is stored in locked server room and it has
limited access from external personnel. Technical solution is password protected and can be accessed only
by authorized personnel. Accessing of data is protected by authorization.

Handling of data

Customer is allowed is request all personal information which is stored due to the relationship.
A request signed by the customer is adviced to send to the register keeper.

Modify of incorrect information

Customer is allowed to request to modify incorrect information
by sending a signed information to the register keeper.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are small data files which are stored in the browser
of your computer while visting our web site.
These cookies do not harm your computers or files in any way.
The application of cookies can normally be avoided,
restricted, or connected with a notice to the user
by corresponding settings in your browser.

Alinikula International
Nuijamiestentie 5 C
00400 Helsinki

Customer Register Policy