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Airborne Inspection Services

Airborne thermal imaging, photography, video services are performed for:

  • Photo/videographs of specific regions of interest
  • Thermal/photo/videographs of whole building(s) or larger areas
  • 3D- model of the building(s) or larger areas

Usually the problem with the outside thermal imaging is that you have too deep angle of view from ground level to the building wall and reflecting thermal radiation from sky alters the result (see more detailed description on page Thermal Imaging ). Also some materials exhibit change in the emissivity value with the angle of view. This is also the reason that in some literature it is recommended that thermal imaging should be done solely from the inside of the building. But we already have technology to aid us to do thermal imaging from outside of the building with field of view perpendicular to the target area. This is done with unmanned aerial systems (commonly named UAV, UAS, RPAS, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Unmanned Aerial System, Remotely Piloted Aerial System). The term small UAS (sUAS) is used for man-portable devices.

Our airborne services is performed from medium sized sUAS. Our sUAS has multiple custom redundancy features. The flightpath is planned, if necessary authorities and air traffic control are informed, pre-flight checks are performed, three person crew (video director, pilot, assistant) ensures that the flight is conducted in controlled and safe manner. The data of the flight is recorded locally on sUAS and streamed for live monitoring purposes to the ground station.

See our building inspection with thermal camera video below. It gives short description of the procedures involved in the actual work from the pre-flight checks to the data analysis.

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